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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Re-photography at Shamrock Glacier Monday, February 29, 20160

Re-photography at Shamrock Glacier

Re-photography continues providing evidence of environmental change.
The Birth of Geology at Siccar Point Sunday, February 28, 20160

The Birth of Geology at Siccar Point

Powerful ideas still emerge from close observations of the natural world.
Alain de Botton on a New Approach to Success Wednesday, February 24, 20160

Alain de Botton on a New Approach to Success

Alain de Botton speaks on a new way of thinking about success.
Fastest Sea Level Rise in Nearly 3000 Years Tuesday, February 23, 20160

Fastest Sea Level Rise in Nearly 3000 Years

New research shows sea levels are rising the fastest since the founding of Rome...2800 years ago.
Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral Monday, February 22, 20160

Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral

A colony of feral pigs is established on an island in the Bahamas which shouldn't be "good news".
Charon's Grand Canyon Saturday, February 20, 20160

Charon's Grand Canyon

Pluto's moon Charon has a 'grand canyon' and once had a liquid water ocean.
Andres Ruzo: The Boiling River Friday, February 19, 20160

Andres Ruzo: The Boiling River

Andres Ruzo investigates boiling rivers and alternative energy sources.
JPL Travel Posters Wednesday, February 17, 20160

JPL Travel Posters

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has created a fanciful series of space travel posters.
Pluto's Geology, color-coded Tuesday, February 16, 20160

Pluto's Geology, color-coded

Pluto has amazing geology as New Horizon maps demonstrate.

Turtle Tracking Wednesday, February 5, 20200

Turtle Tracking

Anyone can help turtle conservation.

Photogenic Mars Tuesday, February 4, 20200

Photogenic Mars

A phtographic mantra is, "location, location, location".
Arctic Greening Sunday, February 2, 20200

Arctic Greening

The Arctic is greening, and fast.

Docs at Sundance Saturday, February 1, 20200

Docs at Sundance

Global documentaries premiere at Sundance.

Robo Reptiles and Slither Bots Friday, January 31, 20200

Robo Reptiles and Slither Bots

Slither-bots for Mars.

Plant Trees Wednesday, January 29, 20200

Plant Trees

One doable climate change solution.

Eagle as Filmmaker Monday, January 27, 20200

Eagle as Filmmaker

Sea Eagle becomes a movie producer.

Luminescent Turtles & Young Explorers Sunday, January 26, 20200

Luminescent Turtles & Young Explorers

Biodiversity constantly surprises.

Where Buffaloes Once Roamed Friday, January 24, 20201

Where Buffaloes Once Roamed

The first wildlife restoration.

Drawing Fish Wednesday, January 22, 20200

Drawing Fish

James Prosek ponders fish.

Bobbing Boulders Tuesday, January 21, 20200

Bobbing Boulders

Building landforms is a continuous process.

Visualizing the Biosphere Monday, January 20, 20200

Visualizing the Biosphere

The Earth's fragility visualized.

A Stark Divide Saturday, January 18, 20200

A Stark Divide

Earth's brown, green, and blue colors.

North Pole, Mars Thursday, January 16, 20200

North Pole, Mars

New polar feature observed.

Fog Farmers Tuesday, January 14, 20200

Fog Farmers

Fog harvesters gather water.

Where Do Good Ideas Come From? Monday, January 13, 20200

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

A storyteller suggests an answer.

Look & See Sunday, January 12, 20200

Look & See

A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

Valuing Nature Friday, January 10, 20200

Valuing Nature

How to measure nature's value.