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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

More holes of mystery in Siberia (video) Saturday, February 28, 20150

More holes of mystery in Siberia (video)

Not As We Know It Friday, February 27, 20150

Not As We Know It

Saturn's planet-sized moon Titan might harbor life but it would be life like nothing we know.
High School chemistry & biology Monday, February 23, 20150

High School chemistry & biology

Some parts of climate change science and the consequences of increased CO2 in the atmosphere are  explained with high school textbooks.
Double Whammy Friday, February 20, 20150

Double Whammy

Australia has received a double whammy of severe weather as two cyclones hit the country at once,.
GOP Disappointed that New National Monuments Won't Be Properly Exploited Thursday, February 19, 20150

GOP Disappointed that New National Monuments Won't Be Properly Exploited

Obama names 3 new monuments; GOP worries that our grandchildren won't experience same level of natural resource extraction as this generation.
Alfred Wegener, Drifting Continents, and an Animated Pangaea Wednesday, February 18, 20150

Alfred Wegener, Drifting Continents, and an Animated Pangaea

Paradigm shifts in science can be made by anyone with a keen curiosity, the patience, and good data to 'connect the dots' that others don't see.
The Battle-Ready Version of Evolution is a Lie Tuesday, February 17, 20150

The Battle-Ready Version of Evolution is a Lie

Happy Darwin Day, 2015 Sunday, February 15, 20150

Happy Darwin Day, 2015

"theory" needs to be dropped from any mention of evolution as the gene for biological change has now been discovered...just in time for Darwin...
To the Rescue Saturday, February 14, 20150

To the Rescue

Technology and compassion combined to help rescue an abused bird.
Low-cost Reforestation Wednesday, November 6, 20190

Low-cost Reforestation

Successful reforesation that 'works with nature'.

Curiosity's Photo Album Tuesday, November 5, 20190

Curiosity's Photo Album

Haunting landscapes on Mars.

A Real Pinocchio lie! Monday, November 4, 20190

A Real Pinocchio lie!

Pinocchio lizard is no lie.

One Big Lava Lamp Sunday, November 3, 20190

One Big Lava Lamp

Ben Franklin would have loved Lava Lamps.

Juno update Friday, November 1, 20190

Juno update

Juno continues its Jupiter tour.

Halloween in Space Thursday, October 31, 20190

Halloween in Space

Re-imagining All Hallows' Day.

Viking Chardonnay Wednesday, October 30, 20190

Viking Chardonnay

A new wine region emerges.

Weather Anomalies Tuesday, October 29, 20190

Weather Anomalies

Climate change comes in multiple forms.

Rare Cat Sighting Saturday, October 26, 20190

Rare Cat Sighting

A rare feline photographed.

River Running Thursday, October 24, 20190

River Running

Removing dams restores rivers.

World Wombat Day Tuesday, October 22, 20190

World Wombat Day

A day for an iconic animal.

Revealing Pluto Monday, October 21, 20190

Revealing Pluto

Discoveries by New Horizons.

I Will Be A Hummingbird Saturday, October 19, 20190

I Will Be A Hummingbird

Wangari Maathi on the environment.

Plant Breeders Friday, October 18, 20190

Plant Breeders

We depend on plant breeders.

Robots for Mars Wednesday, October 16, 20190

Robots for Mars

Small robots for big jobs.

Return of the Bison Tuesday, October 15, 20190

Return of the Bison

Restorning a keystone species.

New Lodging Sunday, October 13, 20190

New Lodging

Finding new housing.

Colors of the Wind Friday, October 11, 20190

Colors of the Wind

Monet and van Gogh would be pleased.