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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

More holes of mystery in Siberia (video) Saturday, February 28, 20150

More holes of mystery in Siberia (video)

Not As We Know It Friday, February 27, 20150

Not As We Know It

Saturn's planet-sized moon Titan might harbor life but it would be life like nothing we know.
High School chemistry & biology Monday, February 23, 20150

High School chemistry & biology

Some parts of climate change science and the consequences of increased CO2 in the atmosphere are  explained with high school textbooks.
Double Whammy Friday, February 20, 20150

Double Whammy

Australia has received a double whammy of severe weather as two cyclones hit the country at once,.
GOP Disappointed that New National Monuments Won't Be Properly Exploited Thursday, February 19, 20150

GOP Disappointed that New National Monuments Won't Be Properly Exploited

Obama names 3 new monuments; GOP worries that our grandchildren won't experience same level of natural resource extraction as this generation.
Alfred Wegener, Drifting Continents, and an Animated Pangaea Wednesday, February 18, 20150

Alfred Wegener, Drifting Continents, and an Animated Pangaea

Paradigm shifts in science can be made by anyone with a keen curiosity, the patience, and good data to 'connect the dots' that others don't see.
The Battle-Ready Version of Evolution is a Lie Tuesday, February 17, 20150

The Battle-Ready Version of Evolution is a Lie

To the Rescue Saturday, February 14, 20150

To the Rescue

Technology and compassion combined to help rescue an abused bird.
Sea Ice Changes Friday, February 13, 20150

Sea Ice Changes

35 years of satellite monitoring of Arctic sea ice show dramatic changes.
Low-cost Reforestation Monday, February 10, 20200

Low-cost Reforestation

Successful reforesation 'works with nature'.

Voyager Wakes Up Saturday, February 8, 20200

Voyager Wakes Up

Fire Mapping by Re-photography Friday, February 7, 20200

Fire Mapping by Re-photography

Australian fires mapped by Copernicus.

Turtle Tracking Wednesday, February 5, 20200

Turtle Tracking

Anyone can help turtle conservation.

Photogenic Mars Tuesday, February 4, 20200

Photogenic Mars

A phtographic mantra is, "location, location, location".
Arctic Greening Sunday, February 2, 20200

Arctic Greening

The Arctic is greening, and fast.

Docs at Sundance Saturday, February 1, 20200

Docs at Sundance

Global documentaries premiere at Sundance.

Robo Reptiles and Slither Bots Friday, January 31, 20200

Robo Reptiles and Slither Bots

Slither-bots for Mars.

Plant Trees Wednesday, January 29, 20200

Plant Trees

One doable climate change solution.

Eagle as Filmmaker Monday, January 27, 20200

Eagle as Filmmaker

Sea Eagle becomes a movie producer.

Luminescent Turtles & Young Explorers Sunday, January 26, 20200

Luminescent Turtles & Young Explorers

Biodiversity constantly surprises.

Where Buffaloes Once Roamed Friday, January 24, 20201

Where Buffaloes Once Roamed

The first wildlife restoration.

Drawing Fish Wednesday, January 22, 20200

Drawing Fish

James Prosek ponders fish.

Bobbing Boulders Tuesday, January 21, 20200

Bobbing Boulders

Building landforms is a continuous process.

Visualizing the Biosphere Monday, January 20, 20200

Visualizing the Biosphere

The Earth's fragility visualized.

A Stark Divide Saturday, January 18, 20200

A Stark Divide

Earth's brown, green, and blue colors.

North Pole, Mars Thursday, January 16, 20200

North Pole, Mars

New polar feature observed.

Fog Farmers Tuesday, January 14, 20200

Fog Farmers

Fog harvesters gather water.