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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Climate Pledges and Reality Saturday, October 31, 20150

Climate Pledges and Reality

Nations worldwide will meet in Paris soon to make pledges for controlling CO2. Will they be realistic?
Animated Waterfall Friday, October 30, 20150

Animated Waterfall

A photo animation of an unknown waterfall is mesmerizing.
Swimming Mt. Everest Thursday, October 29, 20150

Swimming Mt. Everest

Lewis Pugh is an extreme swimmer who tackled a glacial lake on Mount Everest.
Conservation Photography Wednesday, October 28, 20150

Conservation Photography

Photography can be a powerful tool in the service of conservation.
New Views of an Extraterrestrial Ocean Tuesday, October 27, 20150

New Views of an Extraterrestrial Ocean

Spacecraft to Check if a Moon of Saturn, Though Cold, Might Have Life 
The Wider Image, Re-imagining Photography Monday, October 26, 20150

The Wider Image, Re-imagining Photography

The Wider Image re-imagines photography as a powerful tool for the upcoming climate change meetings in Paris.
James Balog: 1000 Cuts Sunday, October 25, 20150

James Balog: 1000 Cuts

The visual artist James Balog discovered many changes next to the rugged Canyonlands of Utah.
Francesco Sauro: Unknown Dark Continents Beneath Us Saturday, October 24, 20150

Francesco Sauro: Unknown Dark Continents Beneath Us

Geologist Francesco Sauro shows there are 'lost world' beneath the Earth's surface never seen before.
Hurricane Patricia: Strongest in the Western Hemisphere History Friday, October 23, 20150

Hurricane Patricia: Strongest in the Western Hemisphere History

Hurricane Patricia, with winds exceeding 200mph, is a monster outside the category standards set for hurricanes.

Billion Dollar Disasters Wednesday, February 6, 20190

Billion Dollar Disasters

Extreme weather events are multiplying.

Earth's Driest Place Tuesday, February 5, 20190

Earth's Driest Place

The Atacama as Mars analog.

Risk Independence Sunday, February 3, 20190

Risk Independence

The new frontiers of Sundance storytelling.

Polar Extremes Friday, February 1, 20190

Polar Extremes

Bi-polar disorders.

Nepal Reflections Wednesday, January 30, 20190

Nepal Reflections

Remembrances from Nepal

Visualizing Climate Data Wednesday, January 30, 20190

Visualizing Climate Data

NASA & NOAA use illustration tools.

A Polar Vortex Descends Tuesday, January 29, 20190

A Polar Vortex Descends

Another extreme weather event.

Arctic Greening Monday, January 28, 20190

Arctic Greening

The Arctic is greening, and fast.

Melting Tundra Sunday, January 27, 20190

Melting Tundra

Permafrost can explode.


Launching Rocks, Building Mountains Friday, January 25, 20190

Launching Rocks, Building Mountains

Traveling by bus can be hazardous.

"The Garden of Eden Is No More" Wednesday, January 23, 20190

"The Garden of Eden Is No More"

David Attenborough interviewed at Davos forum.

Look & See Tuesday, January 22, 20190

Look & See

A Portrait of Wendell Berry.

The Power of Empathy Monday, January 21, 20190

The Power of Empathy

Animating empathy.
Archaeology from Space Sunday, January 20, 20190

Archaeology from Space

Rmote-sensing for finding lost cities.

George the Poet on Climate Change Saturday, January 19, 20190

George the Poet on Climate Change

A poet takes on climate change.

Poseidon is Watching Thursday, January 17, 20190

Poseidon is Watching

Poseidon watches his domain.

Interactive Earth Wednesday, January 16, 20190

Interactive Earth

Mapping planetary changes.

Dataset Earth Monday, January 14, 20190

Dataset Earth

The Earth as a dataset.