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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Four Disgusting Uses for Colorado River Water Thursday, May 30, 20130

Four Disgusting Uses for Colorado River Water

By Reilly Capps It's easy to wax poetic about rivers, to talk about them as the veins of the Earth, the coursing blood of a planet alive. Here...
Nuclear Fall-In: New Flicks Helping Nukes Change their Rep Wednesday, May 29, 20130

Nuclear Fall-In: New Flicks Helping Nukes Change their Rep

By Reilly Capps For years, America hated nuclear power with a steadfastness that seemed just as solid and unbreakable as an atom -- a greek word...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You Must Have at Least One Good Eye

To get shots like these, you have to have patience and a good lens. But, mostly, you must have at least one eye -- preferably a good one. Photos...
The Last Ocean Wednesday, May 29, 20130

The Last Ocean

The Ross Sea in Antarctica is one of the last untouched bits of ocean anywhere. Its designation as a marine protected area is pending.
What America's Ballsiest Eco-Activist Says About Prison Will Surprise You Sunday, May 26, 20130

What America's Ballsiest Eco-Activist Says About Prison Will Surprise You

By Reilly Capps Tim DeChristopher's worst moment in prison: sick, hungry, beginning to feel like he was on his own. He worried that, by sending...
Living Tiny Sunday, May 26, 20130

Living Tiny

Some people are exploring small spaces and learning to 'live large' in the process.
What Made This Gentle Giant Kill? Saturday, May 25, 20130

What Made This Gentle Giant Kill?

By Reilly Capps What made an apparently gentle giant kill? After a Sea World trainer was killed by an orca, filmmakers set out to answer that...

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Magic Artificial Leaf

By Reilly Capps Daniel Nocera is one of the most exciting scientists in the world. He's working on doing nothing less than building an...
How to Glow: the Very Simple Way of Energy Making Friday, May 24, 20130

How to Glow: the Very Simple Way of Energy Making

By Reilly Capps  If you break down the essence of energy like you're talking to a kindergartner, it really comes down to one thing: the sun....
Fishing for Plastic Tuesday, March 5, 20190

Fishing for Plastic

It takes garbage to make a boat.

Phytoplankton as Green Machines Monday, March 4, 20190

Phytoplankton as Green Machines

Micro-plants, oceans, and oxygen.

Polar Plunge 2.0 Saturday, March 2, 20190

Polar Plunge 2.0

Arctic temperatures plunge into the US again.

Endangered Species...Individual Actions Friday, March 1, 20190

Endangered Species...Individual Actions

Individuals involved directly in species conservation.

Why Do Societies Collapse? Wednesday, February 27, 20190

Why Do Societies Collapse?

Jared Diamond sees patterns in collapsing societies.

Underwater Forest Appears Monday, February 25, 20190

Underwater Forest Appears

Buried 60,000 years underwater.

Recovering Reefs Sunday, February 24, 20190

Recovering Reefs

Coral restoration efforts show progress.

Air Pollution Animated Friday, February 22, 20190

Air Pollution Animated

Animators help tell a pollution story.

The Future is in Hydrogen Wednesday, February 20, 20190

The Future is in Hydrogen

A renewable energy breakthrough, maybe.

Building Resilience Tuesday, February 19, 20190

Building Resilience

Creatively thinking resilience.
Climate Time Machine Monday, February 18, 20190

Climate Time Machine

Visualizing climate science data.

Curious Bird Sunday, February 17, 20190

Curious Bird

Researchers receive a curious visitor.

Last Message Friday, February 15, 20190

Last Message

Opportunity's final contact.

Love Is In The Air Thursday, February 14, 20190

Love Is In The Air

Natural reminders for Valentine's Day.

Opportunity Signs Off Wednesday, February 13, 20190

Opportunity Signs Off

A voyage of exploration concludes.

Kuiper Belt Pancakes Monday, February 11, 20190

Kuiper Belt Pancakes

Data refinement changes intrepretation.

Rainforest Plantsmen Saturday, February 9, 20190

Rainforest Plantsmen

Rainforest uses!

Photography's Silent Drama Friday, February 8, 20190

Photography's Silent Drama

Sebastiao Salgado