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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Grandest of Canyons Saturday, April 30, 20160

Grandest of Canyons

The Grand Canyon is especially grand from space.

De-listing of Greater Yellowstone Grizzlies Opposed Thursday, April 28, 20160

De-listing of Greater Yellowstone Grizzlies Opposed

Jane Goodall offers a plea for continued protection of a keystone animal in Yellowstone.
NCAR: Ocean oxygen loss to become widespread by 2030's Wednesday, April 27, 20160

NCAR: Ocean oxygen loss to become widespread by 2030's

Ocean oxygen loss to become widespread by 2030's.

Khumbu notes: Remembering Scott Fischer on Everest Monday, April 25, 20160

Khumbu notes: Remembering Scott Fischer on Everest

Everest Mountaineer Brent Bishop remembers Scott Fischer

Oceans Melting Greenland...or OMG Saturday, April 23, 20160

Oceans Melting Greenland...or OMG

JPL has initiated the OMG project to monitor Greenland's ice melt.
Earth Day, 2016 Friday, April 22, 20160

Earth Day, 2016

Restoration on a global scale could be possible with the agreement signed today.
National Park Service Anniversary Thursday, April 21, 20160

National Park Service Anniversary

Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service.
Big Questions and Quantum Biology Wednesday, April 20, 20160

Big Questions and Quantum Biology

The really big biological questions may require some physics to solve.
Talking to Whales Monday, April 18, 20160

Talking to Whales

If you could talk to a whale, what would you say?

Intelligent Designers Thursday, October 3, 20190

Intelligent Designers

Portland replaces coal with intelligence.

Condor's Hope Tuesday, October 1, 20190

Condor's Hope

Another bird takes flight.

Get Ready For Starship Monday, September 30, 20190

Get Ready For Starship

To the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Reversing Desertification & Climate Change Saturday, September 28, 20190

Reversing Desertification & Climate Change

Restoring degraded lands.

Peering At Space-Time Thursday, September 26, 20190

Peering At Space-Time

Visualizing a black hole.

Reasons For Hope Wednesday, September 25, 20190

Reasons For Hope

Costa Rica shows what is possibly.

The Super Termites Monday, September 23, 20190

The Super Termites

A real 'terminator' is out there.

Optus: Whale Song Monday, September 23, 20190

Optus: Whale Song

To communicate with whales.

A Universe Beyond The Fence Sunday, September 22, 20190

A Universe Beyond The Fence

A universe beyond th fence.

The Hunt Thursday, September 19, 20190

The Hunt

2 hunters, one above & one below 

Tibetan Fan Wednesday, September 18, 20190

Tibetan Fan

A real desert painting.

"The Blob" Returns Tuesday, September 17, 20190

"The Blob" Returns

In 'hot water' again.

Tree Huggers Sunday, September 15, 20190

Tree Huggers

Thermography shows why Koalas hug trees.

in vino veritas Friday, September 13, 20190

in vino veritas

Art and science making wine.

A Water World Revealed Wednesday, September 11, 20190

A Water World Revealed

A planet with water is found.

Rewilding Tuesday, September 10, 20190


Bringing back the wild again.

Chain of Storms Sunday, September 8, 20190

Chain of Storms

Cyclones across the hemisphere.

Agriculture Animation Saturday, September 7, 20190

Agriculture Animation

We have a pipe problem.