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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Re-photography at Shamrock Glacier Monday, February 29, 20160

Re-photography at Shamrock Glacier

Re-photography continues providing evidence of environmental change.
The Birth of Geology at Siccar Point Sunday, February 28, 20160

The Birth of Geology at Siccar Point

Powerful ideas still emerge from close observations of the natural world.
Alain de Botton on a New Approach to Success Wednesday, February 24, 20160

Alain de Botton on a New Approach to Success

Alain de Botton speaks on a new way of thinking about success.
Fastest Sea Level Rise in Nearly 3000 Years Tuesday, February 23, 20160

Fastest Sea Level Rise in Nearly 3000 Years

New research shows sea levels are rising the fastest since the founding of Rome...2800 years ago.
Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral Monday, February 22, 20160

Swimming Pigs...Cute but Still Feral

A colony of feral pigs is established on an island in the Bahamas which shouldn't be "good news".
Charon's Grand Canyon Saturday, February 20, 20160

Charon's Grand Canyon

Pluto's moon Charon has a 'grand canyon' and once had a liquid water ocean.
Andres Ruzo: The Boiling River Friday, February 19, 20160

Andres Ruzo: The Boiling River

Andres Ruzo investigates boiling rivers and alternative energy sources.
JPL Travel Posters Wednesday, February 17, 20160

JPL Travel Posters

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has created a fanciful series of space travel posters.
Pluto's Geology, color-coded Tuesday, February 16, 20160

Pluto's Geology, color-coded

Pluto has amazing geology as New Horizon maps demonstrate.

Deadly Dorian, update Sunday, September 1, 20190

Deadly Dorian, update

Dorian lashes the Bahamas.

Deadly Dorian Sunday, September 1, 20190

Deadly Dorian

Remote sensing views Hurricane Dorian.

John Wesley Powell Friday, August 30, 20190

John Wesley Powell

Recognizing an early conservationist.

Deforestation Timelapse Thursday, August 29, 20190

Deforestation Timelapse

Visualizing forests with re-photography.

Rainforest Hero Wednesday, August 28, 20190

Rainforest Hero

Helping an animal and a park.

Drawing the Trout Tuesday, August 27, 20190

Drawing the Trout

James Prosek considers wild fish.

Visualizing Data Sunday, August 25, 20190

Visualizing Data

Technolgy to see 'big data'.

Whales as Engineers Friday, August 23, 20190

Whales as Engineers

The ocean's ecosystem engineers.

Navel of the World Thursday, August 22, 20190

Navel of the World

A spiritual mountain in Tibet.

Carnations, Plant of the Month Wednesday, August 21, 20190

Carnations, Plant of the Month

The Greeks were great plantsmen.

Fish Song Tuesday, August 20, 20190

Fish Song

Sustainable Farming Monday, August 19, 20190

Sustainable Farming

Agroecology principals applied to farming.

Valuing Nature Sunday, August 18, 20190

Valuing Nature

How to measure nature's value?

Animated Heatwave Friday, August 16, 20190

Animated Heatwave

Visualizing weather data in real-time.

Look to the Mountains Thursday, August 15, 20190

Look to the Mountains

An environmental ambassador says: Look to the Mountains.

The Climate Hackers Wednesday, August 14, 20190

The Climate Hackers

Technological solutions to address climate change.

Important Places Tuesday, August 13, 20190

Important Places

We all remember special places. Forest Woodward,

An Ice-cap Is Melting Monday, August 12, 20190

An Ice-cap Is Melting

Greenland recorded its highest temperatures.