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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Climate Pledges and Reality Saturday, October 31, 20150

Climate Pledges and Reality

Nations worldwide will meet in Paris soon to make pledges for controlling CO2. Will they be realistic?
Animated Waterfall Friday, October 30, 20150

Animated Waterfall

A photo animation of an unknown waterfall is mesmerizing.
Swimming Mt. Everest Thursday, October 29, 20150

Swimming Mt. Everest

Lewis Pugh is an extreme swimmer who tackled a glacial lake on Mount Everest.
Conservation Photography Wednesday, October 28, 20150

Conservation Photography

Photography can be a powerful tool in the service of conservation.
New Views of an Extraterrestrial Ocean Tuesday, October 27, 20150

New Views of an Extraterrestrial Ocean

Spacecraft to Check if a Moon of Saturn, Though Cold, Might Have Life 
The Wider Image, Re-imagining Photography Monday, October 26, 20150

The Wider Image, Re-imagining Photography

The Wider Image re-imagines photography as a powerful tool for the upcoming climate change meetings in Paris.
James Balog: 1000 Cuts Sunday, October 25, 20150

James Balog: 1000 Cuts

The visual artist James Balog discovered many changes next to the rugged Canyonlands of Utah.
Francesco Sauro: Unknown Dark Continents Beneath Us Saturday, October 24, 20150

Francesco Sauro: Unknown Dark Continents Beneath Us

Geologist Francesco Sauro shows there are 'lost world' beneath the Earth's surface never seen before.
Hurricane Patricia: Strongest in the Western Hemisphere History Friday, October 23, 20150

Hurricane Patricia: Strongest in the Western Hemisphere History

Hurricane Patricia, with winds exceeding 200mph, is a monster outside the category standards set for hurricanes.
Chasing Water Friday, July 6, 20180

Chasing Water

River restoration by appropriate technology.

4th of July Wednesday, July 4, 20180

4th of July

Sunrise 4th celebration!

Weather Report Tuesday, July 3, 20180

Weather Report

The climate "signals" are flasing.

Ecology Lessons, 1 Monday, July 2, 20180

Ecology Lessons, 1

The Dutch demonstrate of coastal ecology in action.

History of Consumerism Saturday, June 30, 20180

History of Consumerism

Alain de Botton: a history of consumerism and a possible future.
The Secret Point of Travel Friday, June 29, 20180

The Secret Point of Travel

What we know is less than we thought.

Extraterrestrial Physics Decifered Wednesday, June 27, 20180

Extraterrestrial Physics Decifered

The physics of ice cycloids explained.

Conserving, the Mother Load Tuesday, June 26, 20180

Conserving, the Mother Load

Avoiding another Dust Bowl.

Kilauea Observed Monday, June 25, 20180

Kilauea Observed

Lava seen from the space station.

Washed Ashore Sunday, June 24, 20180

Washed Ashore

Art used to save the oceans.

Climate Change Stripes Friday, June 22, 20180

Climate Change Stripes

'Climate Pins' coming soon.

Intelligent Designers, vol. 3 Thursday, June 21, 20180

Intelligent Designers, vol. 3

Creative thinking of intelligent designers.

Compassionate Turtles Wednesday, June 20, 20180

Compassionate Turtles

Compassionate behavior can be seen in animals.

Kilauea Update, From Vent to Sea Monday, June 18, 20180

Kilauea Update, From Vent to Sea

A 'lava river' into the Ocean.

Rubber Plant Sunday, June 17, 20180

Rubber Plant

A desert plant begins to realize its potential.

Water Crisis Friday, June 15, 20180

Water Crisis

Water supply thresholds.

Re-imagining Work Wednesday, June 13, 20180

Re-imagining Work

Being mindful and re-imagining work can be the key to unlocking creativity and productivity at the same time.
The Ancients Are Dying Tuesday, June 12, 20180

The Ancients Are Dying

Baobabs are in trouble.