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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Intelligent Designers

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, April 17, 2015/Categories: video, sustainability, art and design, environment, Archive Pick of the Week

Alternative energy technologies like solar, wind, and hydro-power as well as engineering efficiency offer huge commercial and job opportunities for sustainability energy production. Creative designers and engineers are essential to these technologies that can replace coal-fired power generation without disrupting lifestyles, trade, or the environment..

An exciting example was highlighted by a PBS report from Oregon on a company,  Lucid Energy , that has developed a very creative and innovative approach to harvesting the latent energy in any municipal water supply. By installing micro-turbines in Portland's water pipes, 'intelligent designers' have provided a productive and way of replacing electricity from an aging coal-fired power plant. The Lucid system simply requires people to turn-on-their-taps. The Portland system have been so successful the Company is now expanding to other cities.

                                    Micro-hydro Turbines for Municipal Water Pipes (credit: Lucid Energy)

Here is the PBS report on the micro-hydro power system now operating in Portland. This is one activity the hipsters of Portlandia can't make jokes about and it should be copied across America.


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