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UFO's...just maybe?

UFO's...just maybe?

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, May 27, 2019/Categories: video, space science, art and design, adventure

                                  UFO Sightings (credit: YouTube)

The grist of 1950's SciFi books and movies was the notion of unidentified flying objects (UFO's) arriving on Earth from some distant galaxy. Reports proliferated of flying saucers and strange creatures landing to capture human for evil purposes. Writers like Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein as well as TV producers for the Twilight Zone thrilled audiences with these scary tales. The Department of Defense had an office to investigate and virtually all the reports were dismissed as high elevation clouds, optical illusions, or faked photos. Closing the DoD office may have been a bit premature as new UFO sightings, and video, has been captured by US Air Force pilots may indicate.

As early as 2015, high-altitude Navy fighter pilots have observed and followed hyper-sonic objects flying above and below them off both the East and West coasts. The objects have been described as looking like "a sphere inside a cube" and were traveling, and maneuvering, at speeds impossible by current aircraft technology. One of the first visual encounters, and radar tracked, was by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet flying was off the East Coast. The jet's radar scanner shows an object zooming above the ocean at a constant speed. The pilots stunned voices were recorded while their radar was tracking the strange object.

Explanations are still being sought and further observations have been made. Time will tell if we're being observed by actual UFO's or they remain the fertile ground for writers and TV serials.





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