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The Holographic Campfire

The Holographic Campfire

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Sunday, January 29, 2017/Categories: video, art and design

                              Meron Gribetz with AR Headset (photo credit: TED and YouTube)

A revolution has emerged that will have applications for communication, education, research, media, and who knows what else. Augmented reality (AR) incorporates knowledge derived from neuroscience, computational power, and holographic visualization among other fields of science and it all began over a barstool beer conversation.

Two research friends were interrupted by a digital device ringing and their deep conversation was broken in a single instant. However, the disruption became the source of inspiration for one of the, Meron Gribetz, and opened the door for a new communicaiton concept. The technology Gribetz developed offers a way to create a "digital campfires" and anyone may soon be able to participate in the stories being told around them.



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