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Algal Blooms, 2

Algal Blooms, 2

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, July 1, 2016/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, sustainability, environment

                                      Toxic Algal Bloom, Florida (credit:

An algal bloom is now invading Florida beaches and waterways. Some are comparing the toxic green muck to putrid guacamole. Unlike the productive phyto-plankton bloom underway in Alaska, produced from glacial meltwater carrying dissolved iron, this Florida bloom is occurring from excess agrochemical fertilizers flowing off fields and groves. The runoff has contaminated Lake Okeechobee and any water leaving the large inland lake.

Two Reuters videos captured the extent of the algal pollution:

Pollution of air, soil, or water casued by remote sources is called an environmental "externality". How long the toxic green "goop" will continue, who will pay for all the clean-up, or how to reduce the sources of the agricultural water pollution itself is unknown.



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