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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

The Habitable Zone

The Habitable Zone

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, July 16, 2019/Categories: video, space science, sustainability, environment, adventure

                  Illustration of an Exoplanet in a Star's Habitable Zone (credit: Kepler Space Telescope)

A scorched Earth found orbiting a star inside its habitable or 'Goldilocks zone'? That doesn't sound right.

The Habitable Zone project examines the enigma. JPL in Pasadena produced a series of videos presenting exoplanet science in fun ways. Their videos integrate the talents of film celebrities, astronomers, and educators to communicate the wonders of stars, planets, and moons that have been revealed by discoveries made by NASA satellites, space probes, and telescopes. It is more than just SciFi and places the requirements of potential habitability into the discoveries. Here's the latest episode:



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