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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Remember The Wild

Remember The Wild

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, January 30, 2018/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, marine life, sustainability, art and design, environment, adventure

                                      Billabong East of Kakadu NP, Australia (credit: SWP Media)

Occasionally, an innovative initiative emerges that provides important information that shows the fun and joy of environmental and scientific research. Remember The Wild is a collective of young Australians who have created a platform for reimaging ecological, wildlife, and other environmental efforts that involve the investigators themselves. Their ambitious goal is:

"to connect people with nature and lead to a positive shift in the way they value the natural world, for the benefit of both people and the environment".

The organization's members approach this goal via a series of clever initiatives involving: storytelling; community engagement; guided field experiences; and targeted projects. In the process, RTW hopes to showcase the people who are working hard to conserve nature. Recent posts about unheard stories include: A different way to leave (plant physiology in high-sunlight environments); Gardens for Wildlife (protecting biodiversity in planted urban settings); and Seeing the wood for the trees (importance of interdiciplinary efforts), just to name a few.

Larger projects involve collaborative efforts such as rewilding landscpes with plant and animal species eliminated by competition from feral and invasive species, overgrazing, deforestation, or other destructive reasons. In the process of reintroducing the original wildlife, the conservationists hope to restore ecological services and environmental resilience.

Remember The Wild is the first "nature engagement" organization of its kind in Australia. While their programs are local to their large continent, their approach has global potential. Which country will be the next to follow their intelligent lead? 



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