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Reversing both Desertification and Climate Change

Reversing both Desertification and Climate Change

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, August 25, 2018/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, sustainability, art and design, environment, climate change

                                       Alan Savory (credit: Wikicommons)

The South African biologist Alan Savory envisions an approach to land management that can address the dual environmental issues of desertification and climate change. Savory proposes the alternative of using intensive grazing by livestock, and moving herds of cattle, goats, or sheep to different zones based on a defined rotation plan. His approach is to mimic the affect of wildlife herds that once maintained continental grasslands for millenia. His method is called "holistic management" and has been demonstrated on degraded lands in Africa, Asia, South America, and here in the USA.

Revegetated landscapes pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere so a side effect to Savory's system could offer climate beneftis as well. Holistic management still represents a small percentage of currently grazed lands and the positive affects can vary from one place to another. He describes his approach in a recent presentation. Considering, the widespread situation of degraded landscapes everywhere begs for new management approaches that could provide multiple benefits.



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