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Greenland Ice Loss Mapped

Greenland Ice Loss Mapped

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, July 20, 2016/Categories: natural history, video, space science, sustainability, environment, climate change

                        Greenland Fjord Development and Leidy Glacier Retreat (credit: JPL)

The European Space Agency's Cryosat satellite has mapped how ice melting from Greenland has contributed to sea-level rise during the past two decades.

According to the ESA, during the four years between 2011-2014 alone:

"Greenland lost ~1 trillion tonnes of ice into the Atlantic Ocean. This corresponds to a 0.75 mm (1/3 inch) contribution to global sea-level rise each year, approximately twice the average of the previous two decades. The study also shows large variations in the amount of ice loss from year to year, with the highest losses occurring in 2012 when Summer temperatures hit record highs. This finding demonstrates Greenland’s sensitivity to sudden changes in the surrounding environment."

The researchers explain their ice melt findings here:

2016 measurements of Greenland ice melting are not available yet.



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