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Glaciers decrease and Landslides increase

Glaciers decrease and Landslides increase

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, June 28, 2016/Categories: natural history, photography, sustainability, environment, climate change

            Devdoraki Glacier and landslide potential in Caucasus Mountains, Georgia (credit: USGS)

An example of real-time 'cause & effect': as glaciers retreat from climate change and deforestation, multiple consequences occur. From reduced water supplies to lowland communities and agriculture; decreased cloud over; and dust production, you can now add an increase in landslides from newly exposed and unstable mountain slopes.

A massive landslide in the Devdoraki Gorge of the Caucasus Mountains left a huge volume of debris in the river bed which then mobilised into a second landslide damaging the key highway linking Georgia and Russia.


                  Landslide Damage in Devdoraki Gorge, Georgia (credit: )

According to geologists investigating the gorge, river, and mountain glacier:

"it appears likely that further significant landslides are likely from this source and thus that this river valley is likely to continue to be problematic." 



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