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George Saunders on Kindness

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, May 17, 2014/Categories: Uncategorized

Compassion is a trait everyone should try to practice. Whether it is trying to be kind towards someone unpleasant or being mindful for a natural environment around you, it takes time, can be difficult, and improves with practice.

The author George Saunders made a recent commencement speech on the importance of kindness in ones life. His words to college graduates should resonate for anyone. Here is an animated portion from that speech:

For those interested, here is the full presentation. It has circulated widely and is now a new book.

George Saunders Convocation address for Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the dalia lama, has often said: "my religion is kindness" and he should know something about being compassionate. George Saunders has provided his own wise words and it seems people have been listening to them as well,


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