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Tea Party Hippies

Author: Reilly Capps/Wednesday, November 13, 2013/Categories: environment

By Reilly Capps

The world is upside down. In the 60s, all the long-haired, eccentrically-dressed, angry placard-waivers were liberals and enviro-hippies, and all the clean-cut, buttoned-down, well-educated people were conservatives. 

Now, the Tea Partiers are the unkempt, unruly, leather-jacket wearing protesters out in the streets waving signs, and they're the climate deniers who couldn't give a fig about forests or seas or anything except taxes and swearing that they aren't racists. 

File:Tea Party Protest, Hartford, Connecticut, 15 April 2009 - 010.jpg
[A Tea Partier: studies show he is likely than average to believe in climate change. Observation suggests he is also less likely to believe in bathing.]

Meanwhile, your average J. Crew wearing, job-having American knows that climate change is real, and she has decided to drive a Honda Civic because of it. 

These dirty old conservatives occasionally make a few feints in the direction of conservation. For instance, Tea Partiers in Georgia are allying with environmentalists including the Sierra Club to push for solar power as a way to take power away from the utilities companies. Even Barry Goldwater, Jr., in Arizona is pushing for solar power. 

But those are likely just anomalies. Progress marches on one funeral at a time, and it's unlikely the mainstream Tea Partiers will change their mind about climate change. If Katrina didn't do it, and Sandy didn't do it, then Haiyan's not gonna do it. All we can do is ignore them until they are called to that great observation station in the sky. 

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