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Colorado Floods

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, September 17, 2013/Categories: natural history, environment, climate change

Torrential rains along the Front Range of Colorado between September 9-15 produced widespread and destructive flooding. Local reports indicate as much as 18 inches of rain fell during this period. Satellite images using infrared photography captured 'before & after' impressions of the floods.

Colorado Front Range, 9-7-2013 (credit: NASA)

Colorado Front Range, 9-13-2013  (credit: NASA)

According to NASA: "water is black in infrared light but in these images muddy or sediment-laden water is light blue. Irrigated farmland is bright green, while natural vegetation and bare ground are pale green and tan, respectively. Bright blue and white clouds still cover cities along the Front Range, including Denver, Boulder, Loveland, and Fort Collins.

A great colleague of Riled Up James Balog, the climate change photographer, tells us: "our house is built on a 7000' granite ridge and in spite of the favored topographic position rain has so saturated the soil surrounding the house that our whole ground floor is wet. Additionally, our storage locker, containing several past photography exhibitions and much of the archive of my books and magazine articles, may have flooded. We have not yet been able to check."



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