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Where's Nemo?

anonome bleaching causes colateral to symbiotic species

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, August 22, 2013/Categories: natural history, sustainability, environment, climate change

Pixar's animated film, Finding Nemo, tells the story of a clown-fish removed from his sea anemone home and the search for his recovery from an aquarium. The film was classic environmental tale and may be showing more truth than fiction.

New research published by the Public Library of Science-One (PloS One) shows that bleaching of coral reef anemones can cause elimination of the symbiotic fish that require the protection of their colorful habitat homes.

According to the new report, rising sea temperatures are causing significant destruction to reef ecosystems due to anemone mortality from thermally-induced bleaching." While this has been widely documented in other corals, little was known about the consequences of bleaching in other tropical organisms like anemones.

Bleached Anemones (credit: PloS-One)

If these deadly trends continue, the only place of Finding Nemo in the future may really be an aquarium. What a tragic tale that would be.


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