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Bio-mimicry Goes Live

Author: Guest Writer/Sunday, July 22, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

Bio-mimicry is an engineering strategy that takes design direction from the myriads of living organisms and life-forms that have evolved over millennia. The latest effort has produced the first artificial jellyfish that actually swims.

Researchers at CalTech and Harvard University crafted the "medusoid" named after the medusa, a classical name for a jellyfish, as a step toward a larger research effort to reconstruct hearts damaged by disease. The new medusoid is the size of a penny and mimics the swimming style of a baby jellyfish. The synthetic body contracts into a bell shape to generate forward thrust.

Check out the first ever artificial jellyfish swimming along:

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Artificial Jellyfish Swimming (credit: CalTech/Harvard)

The applications for bio-mimicry is limited only by the imagination.



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