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Poor Monkey

Author: Guest Writer/Saturday, October 27, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

Florida’s Mystery Monkey has finally been captured.

Over the past three years, he had been widely seen crossing suburban streets visiting neighborhood gardens around Tampa, Florida sampling fruits and vegetables. The neighbors were concerned. The wandering  rhesus macaque had probably escaped from a monkey colony used years prior during filming of old Tarzan movies. The Mystery Monkey had alluded food traps, veterinarian darts, and all other efforts to coral the wily critter into a cage.

According to news reports: “The Mystery Monkey is now in quarantine for 30 days. Then the state vet agency will try to find him a nice group home, a place with other monkeys.”

Tampa’s Mystery Monkey Captured (credit: ABC)

The famous monkey with his own Facebook page and Twitter followers will now loose his freedom of exploration and public notoriety.

Poor monkey.



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