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Good News for Warblers

Author: Guest Writer/Monday, January 16, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

The voice of the Seychelles Warbler is often described as rich, melodious, and similar to a person whistling. An endemic bird found only in the Seychelles Islands, it is endangered, and was once close to extinction. At one point the entire population of warblers was down to 26 individuals all confined to a small rocky outcrop in the Indian Ocean, Cousin Island.

So it is exciting to learn that captive breeding efforts between conservationists in the Seychelles and researchers in the United Kingdom, have proved highly successful. Multiple warblers have now been restored into suitable habitat on additional islands in the Seychelles. As with so many species of island animals and plants, the decline of the warbler was the result of habitat destruction and the introduction of non-native species to the Seychelles.

Seychelles-warbler-UofEast-Anglia                Seychelles-warbler-birds.og

Banded warblers ready for release         Seychelles Warbler 

(credit: University of East Anglia)          (credit:

Cousin Island now has over 300 birds and viable populations have been re-established on other islands in the Seychelles group. A luxury resort island catering to tourists has also joined in the bird restoration efforts. According to Nature Seychelles, if these new populations continue expanding, the Seychelles warbler “will be the first bird species in the world, classified as Critically Endangered, to be removed from the world list because of conservation actions.”

This is good news indeed for the warbler and the Seychelles but so many more island species of endangered birds, animals, and plants require restoration efforts everywhere on Earth.



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