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Song of the Spindle

Author: Guest Writer/Tuesday, January 24, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

Spindle cells are specialized neurons. They are found buried in restricted regions in the brains of humans, bonobos, and other great apes but also within the brains of whales, dolphins and elephants. Spindle neurons have been implicated as having an important role in many high level brain functions and cognitive abilities. Much is still unknown about these cells but their presence in such diverse large mammals suggests they occur only in highly intelligent species. Spindle cells are also implicated in the creation and appreciation of music.

An animated film, The Song of the Spindle by the fine animator Drew Christie, was a selection of the Sundance Film Festival for their 2012 event in Park City, Utah. The film was presented as a short before Chasing Ice, a documentary in competition at the Festival. Both films are excellent and deserve to be widely seen.

Here’s an illustration from the official Sundance film guide and the trailer for the film:


Song of the Spindle animation

(credit: Sundance Film Guide)


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