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Pop-up Bugs

Author: Guest Writer/Sunday, February 19, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

Mobee, or Monolithic Bees, is a tiny drone crafted by engineers at Harvard's Microrobotics Laboratory. Like an origami folded puzzle, the micro-device uses intricate layering and uses a folding process that allows fabrication of multiple pop-up robots. It can fly.

The first prototypes consist of layers consisting of carbon fibers, brass, plastic, sturdy titanium, light weight ceramics, and adhesives laminated in a complex, laser-cut, design. The structure incorporates flexible hinges allowing the bug to assemble itself in a single movement. The Harvard engineers worked for years to build the bio-mimicry inspired, insect sized, robots that can fly and behave autonomously. Suitable materials, software, and fabrication methods were lacking prior to Mobee’s development so they were all invented by the Harvard researchers in its proff-of-concept design. The fabrication methods have the potential to be used for mass production of a diversity of other electromechanical devices.

Here’s a video demonstrating how the Mobee process works:


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