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Losing Steam on the Road to Alternative Energy

Author: Guest Writer/Thursday, April 26, 2012/Categories: Uncategorized

If our goal is to reduce the production of CO2 and the other greenhouse gasses driving climate change, then we have a very long way to go.

Reporting from London, National Public Radio attended the meeting of The International Energy Agency where energy managers were warned they were falling far behind meeting targets to wean the world from dirty energy production. The radio network commented that: Nations are nowhere near being on track to avert significant climate change in the coming decades.

This is definitely not good news particularly where carbon-less producing alternatives are becoming available. Flexible solar cells based on photonics, the combination of electrical engineering with bio-polymers, have been demonstrated and are far less expensive than conventional solar photovoltaic cells based on solid silicon.

big-energy-the-age        alternative-energy

Coal Electric Power Production        Solar & Wind Energy Alternatives

(credit: The Age, Australia)              (credit: Energy

Hopefully, more steam will be applied to get down the road towards reaching practical and cleaner energy alternatives. The other path leads off a cliff.

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