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Winning Isn't Everything

Winning Isn't Everything

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, November 22, 2019/Categories: video, sustainability, art and design

                                                          Author Pico Iyer (credit: TED Conferences)

Long-term Time Magazine travel correspondent, prolific writer, and friend of this Journal, Pico Iyer spends part of each year living with his wife in Japan. While there, he participates twice a week to play ping-pong with a group of his neighbors at a local gym. After early attempts to win at the game batting the small ball across the table, Iyer received a 'life lesson' from his Japanese playing partners. Pico's personal story on winning, loosing, or ending in a tie was a requested presentation at this summer's TED Summit. As he commented in What ping-pong taught me about life:

Ping-pong is a lifestyle, a training in attention, a diversion, a mad passion, and a way of not taking anything important too seriously and taking some tiny things very seriously.

Anyone can learn the same lesson but it isn't what we are taught in schools or sports to appreciate and practice.

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