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Weather Anomalies

Weather Anomalies

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, October 29, 2019/Categories: natural history, photography, video, sustainability, environment, climate change

             Wyoming truck stoppage and crash on I-80, 10-29-2019 (Wyoming Department of Transportation)

A mass of Arctic air has moved into the United States with temperatures reaching lows more typical of Winter than Fall. The National Centers for Environmental Information, a part of NOAA, has produced a map showing the predicted regional extent of the weather anomaly. What makes temperatures like these such an anomaly is that the frigid air stretches from central Canada to central Texas and from Eastern Indiana to the borders of California and Washington State.

Typically the Rocky Mountains act would as a barrier for Arctic air preventing the cold from crossing the mountains spreading towards the West Coast, but not in this case. NOAA's map also offers some perspective to the nearly hurricane force winds that have been fanning fires that are raging in California's famous wine country and the Los Angeles area. The air mass pushing past Nevada has provided extra energy to the downslope Santa Ana and Diablo winds that are common on the West Coast in the Fall.

     Temperature anomaly, 10-29-2019 (credit: NOAA)       California winds, 10-28-2019 (credit: G-Maps/Business Insider)

The events unfolding in the Mid-West, Rocky Mountains, and California are related and all likely carry signals of climate change. Similar weather anomalies occured in 2018. VOX investigate the changes to the jet stream winds showing as they weaken that storms, droughts, and extreme weather events move over continent land masses.

Climate disruption is not a single phenomenon but the amplification of multiple weather events. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) produced a graphic to explain the issue just a few days before the events in California and the Mid-West. The UN agency was timely and sadly prescient.


                      Weather Amplification Curves, 10-26-2019 (credit: IPCC)

Whether you're a trucker crossing Wyoming experiencing unexpected Fall roadway ice: a Mid-western farmer unable to plant because extreme Spring rains; a coastal city flooded and damaged by a Summer super-hurricane; or a winery burned to the ground from a California mega-fire, these are all the consequences of a warming world.



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