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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

Deforestation Timelapse

Deforestation Timelapse

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Thursday, August 29, 2019/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, space science, sustainability, environment

                                          Amazon Deforestation in Bolivia, 2015 (credit: Wikipedia)

Deforestation occurs one tree, one acre, one fire at a time. That doesn't sound like much but year upon year vast denuded areas. The causes are many; conversion of forests for agriculture and grazing; illegal logging for luxury timbers including rosewood and mahogany; mineral extraction; corruption; and over-population. Timelapse re-photography is a powerful tool to view the rampant landscape alterations over a time-line. From Earth-orbiting satellites such as Landsat-8 and the Terra program, the consequences of deforestation in the Amazon and on the island of Madagascar can be easily visualized.

Sadly, restoration of forests has barely begun to counter the rate at which deforestation is occurring. A primer explains why these tree-covered landscapes are so vital.



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