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Biomimicry and Light Bulbs

Biomimicry and Light Bulbs

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, March 3, 2020/Categories: natural history, video, sustainability, art and design, environment, adventure

                                                      Firefly Bioluminescence (credit: Why is that?)

Electro-luminescent light bulbs (LED's) can be annoying. The light can be to harsh, to bright, or emit a garish color. Taking a page out of biomimicry, using fireflies as a model, a novel solution for 'light emitting diodes' may be at hand. Siimply by changing the diode's design, lighting capacity was increased by 50%. A short video to explains.

Intelligent designs developed from biomimicry models offers another reason why protecting biodiversity of wild plants, animals, and insects is so crucial. You never know if evolution may have already created a solution to an industrial issue that could have wide applications like fireflies and LED's.



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