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A Super Bloom

A Super Bloom

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, March 22, 2019/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, photography, sustainability, art and design, environment

                     Cessna 182 Aerial Photograph Near Lake Elsinore, CA (credit: Wings by Werntz)

A super-bloom of wildflowers is underway in California.


                               Super Bloom Seen From Space (credit: DigitalGlobe)

Once a decade or so, environmental conditions allow for a massive display of California native plants to bloom in their full glory. Flowering began in the Anza-Borrago Desert State Park in the south and the blooming is now moving northwards through the Mojave Desert, to Joshua Tree National Park, and into mountainous sections of the California central coast. The state flower, the orange CalifoCopyrnia poppy, carpets the landscape along with a rainbow of other flower colors. The National Park Services provides updates alerting visitor as to peak blooming in regional parks. This year, the floral displays have been so massive they are visible from space and enjoyed by trail runners and tourists alike.

Everyone should enjoy the brilliant landscapes but avoid trampling the flowering hillsides as seeds for the next super-bloom will be produced by the current one.



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