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A Polar Vortex Descends

A Polar Vortex Descends

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, January 29, 2019/Categories: natural history, space science, sustainability, environment, adventure

                         Predicted Polar Vortex Temperatures, 1-28-2019 (credit: National Weather Service)

A Polar Vortex has descended on a large portion of North America again. Due to changes in the jet stream caused by significant temperature differentials between the north pole and lower latitudes. The Weather Channel predicts some temperatures in the Mid-West could reach -60F in numerous locations and last for several days.

The Union of Concerned Scientists described three features of Winter Storm Jayden that should concern anyone affected by this extreme weathe event. They note the impact of climate change on the oscillations of the polar jet stream. A NASA animation illustrates the jet stream with an obvious oscillation vortex dipping far southwards.

                    Jet Stream Animation with Polar Vortex Dipping South (credit: NASA)

Another affect of this weather event is temperatures in Alaska are higher than in the central US or Canada. They are above freezing in many locations.



The immediate issue is for people to protect themselves from the hyper-cold but also appreciate the climate models that explain what is underway from the changing climate at the poles.



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