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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

4th of July

4th of July

Author: Guest Writer/Wednesday, July 4, 2018/Categories: natural history, photography, sustainability, art and design, environment, adventure

                                Early Morning on Lake Wanaka, New Zealand (credit: Conrad Anker)

The mountaineer, adventurerer, and occassional Journal contributor, Contrad Anker, is in the southern hemisphere for a series of presentations in New Zealand and Australia. He sent an early morning "post card" for the 4th of July. The image presents natural "fireworks" that could be appreciated any day of the year. While not on lecture duty, Conrad has taken the opportunity for a bit of rock climbing and exploring the local landscapes of southern New Zealand.

                                  Rock climbing and Winter at Laka Wanaka, New Zealand (credit: Conrad Anker)

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