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Kilauea Advances

Kilauea Advances

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, June 11, 2018/Categories: natural history, photography, video, art and design, environment, adventure

        Kilauea Lava Fountain and Molton River Flowing Towards Pacific Ocean, 6-7-2017 Ocean (credit: USGS)

Hawai'i Mount Kilauea volcano continues erupting fountains of lava and spreading molton rivers from fissures that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Some of the imagery gathered from space, with helicopters, and via drones has been exceptional in showing the power of one of the world's most active volcanoes.


                             Hawai'ian Coastal Zone 5-27-2018 & 6-7-2018 Kilauea Eruptions (credit: ESA)

The US Geological Survey has gathered important scientific data on the Kilauea volcano while the military has assisted in rescues of islanders from homes in the lava's path. It is estimated more than 60 structures have been destroyed so far. The famous tourist beach zone of Hawai'is Kapoho Bay was completely filled-in and the coastline reshaped by the lava. US Military News compiled "lava alerts" on the status of the Kilauea eruptions taken by hilicopter videos.


                             Formerly Kapoho Bay and Resort Peninsula Filled-in, 6-7-2018 (credit: USGS)

Madam Pele is very active and far from being a myth.



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