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Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, March 31, 2018/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, sustainability, environment

                  Helicopter Pilot with Rescued Chimpanzee, Mussa (credit: PBS Newshouse, YouTube)

It is said: "a photography is worth a thousand words". That is definitely true with an image of a Belgium helicopter pilot, Anthony Caere, who assists rangers in Virguna National Park to conduct aerial wildlife surveys. Caere was called into action to help rescue a young chimp, 3-year old Mussa, who was being sold in a local market as a pet. Mussa was tied to a stake and under great stress after his mother was killed for the illicit 'bushmeat trade'. The young chimp had to be ferried quickly to a primate center, the Lwiro Primate Rehibilitation Center, for care. Caere's helicopter was the perfect vehicle.


 Young Chimp Likes the Knobs and Gears on his Helicopter Flight to a Primate Center (credit: PBS Newshour, YouTube)

In the PBS Newshour report, young Mussa sat on the pilot's lap for the entire flight. He was obviously interested in his new aerial surroundings and kept looking out the window as any kid would on their first flight. Mussa paid particular attention to the levers and gears used to guide the copter. Eventually he fell asleep in the pilot's lap. Caere said his rescue mission should never have had to happen in the first place. His comment is worth more than a few words. However if his story, and that of the wildlife rangers on the ground, reach a wide audience it will definitely show how compassion is put into action.

You can see the full PBS Newshour report here.



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