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Bombed Out

Bombed Out

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, March 3, 2018/Categories: natural history, space science, sustainability, environment

                                      Super-storm Riley Map, purple 3-3-2018 (credit: National Weather Service)

It has been bonly 2 months since Cyclone Bomb Grayson hit the US East Coast. Grayson developed into a cyclone by a process known as 'bombogenesis' where the storm's atmopheric pressure drops dramatically over 24 hours turning a oceanic storm into a huge cyclone. Super-storm Riley is now the second Atlantic storm to hit the same region.


    Bombogenesis Development of Super-Storm Riley, 3-2-2018 (credit: GOES-16 & Sentinel satellite image)

Riley began pummelling the East Coast with the force of a cyclonic weather system that stretched from North Carolina to Maine. The storm carried hurricane-force winds up to 80mph; has caused major beach erosion; dumped over 5 feet of snow in some parts of New England; caused local power outages from fallen trees; and produced extensive flooding from full-moon influenced high tides. The cost from damages by Riley haven't been calculated yet.

In some commentaries, these super-storms are being called 'the new normal'. Climate change increases ocean temperatures allowing storms to gather and carry more moisture. With rising sea levels, a storm has the capacity to be more destructive by creating storm surges that flood coastal communities and other infrastructure. The altered atmosphere  increases the amplitude of a given weather event no matter if it is a storm, drought, or tornado. The altered climate may also be changing the general circulation patterns of the Jet Stream that could the entire northern hemisphere. When mid-winter temperatures at the northernmost weather staion in Greenland are higher than southern Europe, it is reasonable to expect something unusual is unfolding. Dramatic amateur photos and video clips gathering from the entire East Coast were combined into a video post that illustrates the power and consequences of Riley's wrath:

Being 'bombed out' twice in two months may cause folks to consider acting to address resilience planning that focuses on addressing the current consequences of climate change that is now upon us.



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