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Small Is Beautiful

Small Is Beautiful

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, December 11, 2017/Categories: sustainability, art and design, environment, adventure


                                                              Tiny House Interior (credit: Wikicommons)

The Bristish economist E.F. Schumacher offered a mantra that 'small is beautiful' in 1973. He championed the use of small, appropriate technologies that were believed to empower people more, in contrast to "bigger is better" consumption of stuff. The idea was to live in a more sustainable and less resource intensive way. Unfortunately, his ideas seems to have been forgotten. Recently some of this thinking has become a perspective for contemporary living that allows for more freedom than many would imagine. It is being pioneered by diverse people, facing unsettled economic times, and in the form of the "tiny house movement".

Australian designer and architect Lara Nobel, had a tendency towards solving problems. When she and her partner found themselves in one of the world’s least affordable housing markets and knew they couldn't get started without going deeply into debt. Lara began investigating tangible alternatives which led her to 'tiny houses'. She has now travelled the world studying urban design from Berlin, to Tokyo, and alternative housing in Portland. Her compact housing designs are driven by an individuals needs rather than market expectations. Lara is the co-founder of The Tiny House Company that produces affordable ‘tiny houses’ for Australia and elsewhere.



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