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How the Military Fights Climate Change

How the Military Fights Climate Change

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, November 20, 2017/Categories: video, space science, sustainability, environment, climate change

                                     David Titley (credit: (School of International Affairs, PSU)

In the early 1980's, I participated in meetings at the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), a non-partisan advisory arm of the US Congress directed to investigate advances or threats in science and technology. The OTA advisory panels investigated new developments in health, security, and computer science as well as in food, renewable resources, and the environment. While the topic of 'climate change' was barely known then, it did regularly on panels where I was a member.

OTA allowed a few people to attend and sit at the back and listen into the meetings. Regularly, two military officers sat in on each of the discussions. They took notes asked to receive copies of the OTA reports when the work was completed and the report submitted to Congress. They wanted to distribute them in the Defense Department. Now 35+ years later, it was the military who read those renewable resources reports and took a changing climate as a direct threat 'stresser' to their field commanders and infrastructure. The Department of Defense incorporated the OTA analysis into actions to mitigate  climate threats and become more resilient in the process.

Military leaders have have a long history of preparing for a future challenges is before they hit. Retired US Navy officer David Titley reflects on climate change impacts already happening and how the military approaches them in a practical, nonpartisan management for climate preparedness. As Titley says in a prescient TED presentation:

"The ice doesn't care who's in the White House. It doesn't care which party controls your congress. It doesn't care which party controls your parliament, it just melts."


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