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Once Bishop Glacier...Now Becoming Bishop Lake

Once Bishop Glacier...Now Becoming Bishop Lake

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, October 2, 2017/Categories: natural history, photography, sustainability, environment, climate change

                              Retreating Ice, Bishop Glacier, BC 1985-2017 (credit: Landsat and the AGU)

The Bishop Glacier in British Columbia is turning into a lake having lost nearly 2 miles of ice from glacial retreat. According to the American Geophysical Union (the AGU), a rapidly expanding lake has emerged. Using 32 years of Landsat imagery, the re-photography shows Bishop Glacier and related ice-fields. Red arrows represent the 1985 glacier's terminus; yellow the 2017 terminus; with purple dots designating the snowlines of three glaciers, Bishop (B), Ring (R), and Lillooet (L).

"In 2017 the Bishop Glacier 'proto-lake' is ~2.5 miles long with a glacier retreat of nearly 10,000 feet in 32 years. Ring Glacier has retreated 2600 feet from Bishop Glacier. The lake is relatively free of icebergs in 2017, suggesting a reduced calving rate in recent years."

Also, clearly visible, is the growth of shrub and forest vegetation (green) on newly exposed landscapes once covered by ice. A prespective on Canada's glaciers, particularly in British Columbia, under a warming climate is provided by a recent video.



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