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Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, September 11, 2017/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, birds, sustainability, environment, climate change

 Pink Flamingos Tampa Bay, Florida (credit: Busch Gardens)

Besides millions of people, pets and other animals were in need of protection from Hurricane Irma's wrath. Iconic pink flamingos at the Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay were herded by their keepers to the safety inside a building while the super-storm thrashed the city on Florida's west coast.


    Parrots Shetering on Marriott Ledge (credit: Facebook)    Florida Zookeeper and Indian Vulture (credit: Miami Harold)

Birds are particularly vulnerable to massive storms wherever they hit. While those in zoological situations receive attention from veterinary staff, wild birds are left to fend for themselves. A photo of two parrots clinging to the window ledge of a Marriott Hotel on the 22nd Flore was taken by a hotel guest who saw them trying to shelter themselves. The freightened birds were known to the hotel as Paco & Pedro. The hotel staff lured them onto the roof with food and then they were taken inside to the safety of an office.

Empathy for others including our animal companions who also suffered through the super-storm was on display during both Hurricane Irma and Harvey that previously flooded Houston and south Texas. Such simple acts of humanity, shown by zookeepers and hotel workers, offer lessons in compassion for all of us.






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