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When Monsoons Arrive

When Monsoons Arrive

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Wednesday, July 19, 2017/Categories: natural history, photography, art and design, environment

                              Monsoon Storm Approaches, Lucknow, India (credit: Wikicommons)

When a monsoon appears, the weather often announces its pending presence as a build-up of menacing storm clouds. In South Asia, the monsoon restores Himalayan snows and water to systain rice paddies and other agricultural production. The storms also produce pulses of rain that can arrive as torrential bursts. Such as was the case with a monsoon pulse experienced in southern Arizona recently. This extreme downpour unlikely recharged mountain snows or watered dry fields but only flooded away into desert canyons and arroyos.

                    Monsoon Storm in Tucson, Arizona 7-17-2014 (credit: L. Markley)

This downpour appeared like an atomic test blast and you wouldn't have wanted to be standing at 'ground zero'.



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