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Photo-Mapping a Collapse

Photo-Mapping a Collapse

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, July 7, 2017/Categories: natural history, photography, marine life, sustainability, art and design, environment, climate change

                    Latest Photo-Map of the Larsen-C Ice Shelf with Growing Crack (credit: NASA)

In what may be the last map of its kind, NASA released a satellite image of the Larsen-C ice sheet neaing collapse. A crack 100 miles long, monitored for more than a year, has barely 3 miles (5km) remaining before separating from the Antarctic Peninsula. The resulting iceberg, the size of the state of Delaware, will then float into the southern ocean and eventually fragment. The removal of such a large icesheet mass could result in the accleration of glaciers inland to flow rapidly into the ocean.

The UK-based research organization Project MIDAS has been closely monitoring the progress of the Larsen-C crack and related glacial dynamics in association with the British Antarctic Survey. With only 3 miles of icesheet remaining attached before separation, a dramatic video of the complete collapse could very soon become available. Stay tuned!



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