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Batfish Chorus Line

Batfish Chorus Line

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Tuesday, July 10, 2018/Categories: natural history, marine life, environment

                                                        Batfish (credit: NOAA & USGS)

If you thought whales were the only marine inhabitants that liked to sing together, think again. Colorful batfish have been recorded singing like a choral group. Using underater hydrophones the fish have been recorded regularly at specific times of day. According reseachers from Australia's Curtin University, most of the music comes from solo batfish repeating the calls over and over. However, when the calls of different fish overlap they form a chorus. In all, seven distinct choruses were recorded by the marine biologists. The research was conducted near Port Hedland in Western Australia and catalogued the acoustic characteristics and chorus patterns of the batfish from specific undersea locations. The acoustic information will be used to help develop long-term monitoring of vocal fisheries and marine ecosystems.

The complete report on the research was published in Bio-acoustics here.



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