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The natural world. Looking pretty for 3.5b years.

World Whale Day

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, February 20, 2017/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, marine mammals, sustainability, environment, adventure


                                   Dwarf Minki Whale, Australia (credit: Wayne Osborn, the Whale Dairies)

You would be excused from forgetting World Whale Day, 2017 because of the important President's Day weekend but it was Saturday, Feburary 18th, if you want to mark you 2018 calendar. WWD should be worth your attention. World Whale Day events include a walk/run and whale parade; a film festival; art displays; local food, whale lectures, and wildlife sighting tours all presented by the Pacific Whale Foundation to raise awareness and conservation efforts to protect whales and their marine habitats.

Founded in 1980 and based on Maui, Hawai'i the Foundation has been:

"a pioneer in non-invasive whale research, an early leader in educating the public, from a scientific perspective, about whales and the need for ocean conservation".

We share a planet with animals that breathe and communicate through air and others that live and communicate in a water environment. They deserve more respect from the dominant air breathers.



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