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Larsen-C Crack Widens

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, February 10, 2017/Categories: natural history, video, marine life, sustainability, environment, climate change


We've followed the progress of a crack developing in Antarctica's Larsen-C ice-sheet previously. The crack is nearly 100 miles long now, is extending at a rate of five football fields a day (~17 miles in 2 months), and could completely separate soon. The European Space Agency's Sentinel satellite and Project Midas have followed the crack since it was first appeared. A 3-year animation show just how fast it has been widening.

The iceshelf is between 300-400 feet thick and when the crack separates, the resulting iceberg will be roughly the size of the state of Deleware. Researchers expect the separation within the next two months. The British Antarctic Survey has already moved their monitoring facilites away from the crack in preparation of its collapse.




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