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The New Weather Channel

The New Weather Channel

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, February 6, 2017/Categories: natural history, photography, space science, sustainability, art and design, environment

    Different Visible and IR Atmospheric Properties over USA 1-2017 (credit: NOAA/NASA GEOG-16)

The first images have been released from the new GEOS-16 atmospheric and environmental satellite. The detail of the photographs is stunning. A 16-panel series of the United States, imaged in both visible and infrared wavelenghts by the orbiting camera, can distinguish differences between clouds, water vapor, smoke, ice, and volcanic ash. The new weather satellite is a major technological upgrade in the capability for improved weather forecasting.

According to the managing science agencies of NASA and NOAA:

"GEOS-16 can provide a full disk image of the Earth every 15 minutes, one of the continental U.S. every five minutes, and has the ability to target regional areas where severe weather, hurricanes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, or other high-impact environmental phenomena are occurring as often as every 30 seconds. The images will allow meteorologists to see smaller features of the Earth’s atmosphere and weather systems. The High resolution scans will provide sharper and more detailed views of hazardous weather systems and reveal features that previous instruments might have missed. The rapid capture of the images provides the ability to monitor and predict the evolution of these systems more accurately."

They offer a new 'weather channel' and are beautiful to view. 



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