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Marine Rescue

Marine Rescue

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Saturday, February 4, 2017/Categories: wildlife conservation, video, birds, marine mammals, sustainability, environment

                                            Seal Rescue (credit: NOAA Fisheries)

You know about animal rescue services that place abandoned dogs, cats, and horses as adopted pets but marine mammals (and seabirds) need of some rescue help as well. Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales aren't pets but worldwide they are victims of increasing encounters with plastic waste discarded by careless people and entire nations who treat the oceans like a garbage dump. Three marine rescue efforts by individuals from Portugal, Hawai'i, and Baja California show what is possible when boaters, kayakkers, and divers adventure in coastal marine environments and are mindful when they encounter a stranded animal.

Oceans cover 71% of the Earth so more efforts will be needed than these examples. Supporting an organization that conducts marine rescue services is a good place to start. If you live near an ocean, there is likely a marine rescue center near you.



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