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Crack in Ice Grows

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, January 9, 2017/Categories: natural history, space science, sustainability, environment, climate change


             Satellite Composite Larsen Ice Shelf Cracks, Antarctic Peninsula (credit: Landsat, ESA, MODIS, Project MIDAS)

It is barely one month since the Journal noted that a massive crack had been observed in Antarctica's Larsen Ice Sheet. In the time since, the crack in the ice has extended nearly 11 miles and now extends for almost 100 miles in length. At this rate continues, a Deleware-sized chunk of the ice will become an iceberg floating away from the ice shelf before the summer ends in Antarctica in March.

The recent observations have been made by NASA's Operation Ice Bridge and Project Midas run by the British Antarctic Survey. The ice sheet rupture is being driven by increases in warm water moving beneath the floating ice shelf as well as air temperatures temperatures above.



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