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New Jaguar Sighted

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Monday, December 12, 2016/Categories: natural history, wildlife conservation, video, sustainability, environment


                                              Jaguar (credit: AZ Fish & Wildlife Service)

In a bit of 'good news' for wildlife conservation, a rare jaguar has just been seen walking an Arizona trail.

The Arizona Fish & Game's Jaugar Conservation Unit announced the sighting of a jaguar captured by a camera trap positioned in the remote Huachuca Mountains. The mountains are partially managed as an Army base, part as Forest Service land, and part private ranch ownership. Elevations range from 4000-9500 feet that provide a mix of ecosystems and habitats offering 'room to roam' for solitary animals like these spotted cats. Prevously, another jaguar had been sighted in a similar area and nicknamed "el Jefe" (the big guy) but this new animal may be different.

The mountainous "sky islands" of the Southwest are the northernmost extent of the jaguar's natural range. The nocturnal cats can move vast distances between South, Central, and North America seeking suitable habitat. Hopefully, these long-distance travelers will continue finding their ways north into the unique mountains just across the US border from Mexico and become permanent residents.



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