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Climate Signals, 2

Climate Signals, 2

Author: Hugh Bollinger/Friday, November 11, 2016/Categories: natural history, sustainability, environment, climate change

      North American Heatwave, 11-10-2016 (credit: Climate Reanalyzer, University of Maine)

North America is experiencing a fall heatwave according to data released by the Climate Change Institute. Using their Climate Reanalyzer, a platform for visualizing 'big data' measurements, the climate researchers created a stunning map showing temperature anomalies stretching from the Arctic into the central United States. In some Canadian cities, temperatures were 30F above normal yesterday. It is as if the continent was being flooded by hot air when typically cold should begin settling-in for winter from the Arctic.

Signals of a changing climate can be gathered temperature records in multiple ways. Recent graphs show changes in nighttime highs (1910-2015) and the number of days for global lows (1980-2016).


                   Nightime High Temperature Readings, 1910-2015 (credit: NOAA)

     Global Records of Daily Low Temperatures, 1980-2016 (credit: American Geophysical Union)

The AGU commented in their study of "disappearing lows": "As the planet warms, we should expect to see more record highs and fewer record lows, and the data is indeed showing just that."

The impact of such measurements can be visualized virtually in real time by animating satellite photographic data of the Arctic ice pack from 2010-2015.

Inconvenient data on changing climates and weather patterns continues being gathered irrespective of people who don't follow 'charts & graphs'.



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